crowning dose

crowning dose

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✦ herbal infused healing scalp oil

✦ rosemary may stimulate circulation while gotu kola protects and nourishes

✦ may stimulate hair growth 

✦ may support shiny, healthy hair



✦ apply warmed oil to scalp once a week before bed. distribute oil evenly throughout scalp, massaging as you go to work it in. massage is very important to helping stimulate hair follicles. make sure to apply at hair line as well. can wear a bonnet but I suggest wrapping your head in plastic wrap to trap in the help to help the oils soak in better and protect your pillow from getting oily.

✦ wash out in the morning using a detox/clarifying shampoo, massaging the scalp as you go. may need to shampoo up to three times to fully get the oil out.

all organic ingredients:
✦ extra virgin olive oil
✦ black seed oil
✦ rosemary
✦ mugwort
✦ gotu kola
✦ turmeric eo
✦ lavender eo


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