lauren's story

the journey home

at the beginning of 2020, i quit a toxic job that left me burnt out and hopeless. I had no idea what my next step would be but I did know one thing; I wanted to be of service to others and help facilitate their healing. I had not the slightest idea how it would manifest.


I felt lost and searched far and wide across the cosmos for the answer to my question:


what is my purpose?

no such answer was found because what I realized was: the answer was within me. once I realized no external source was going to lead me to my dharma, I was able to tune in and hear the whispers of my intuition. and they led me, step by step, to where I am now. 


magic dose wasn't always magic dose. it started out as a humble little brand called gemini apotheké, a name I made up at the spur of the moment just for the sake of getting started. i designed the logo on canva and started creating. I started out with just three offerings- a tea blend which is now realized as my best selling womb supportive tincture venus rising, a facial mist which was reimagined as my now favorite way to refresh throughout the day uplifting skin mist and a sun harmonizing oil called sun worshipper that is still a part of the seasonal summer offerings.


I quickly came to realize gemini apotheké didn't feel like me and if I was really going to do this, I needed to do things the right way. so being the perfectionist I am, I decided to go back to square one. I spent time writing out the intention behind my brand, reimagined a new name and hired a designer to help me bring my vision for my brand to life. at the beginning of 2021, I rebranded and launched as magic dose and haven't looked back since.


I never in a million years imagined my original intention would manifest into magic dose, but here we are. and I'm so glad it did. today, magic dose has over twenty five offerings ranging from mushroom elixirs, herbal medicine, botanical skincare, and even care for fur babies and all meant to be uniquely healing in their own way. 


I couldn't be more proud- making natural medicine and skincare that helps people feel their best, is my greatest honor. thank you so much for being on this journey with me. I am honored to share my medicine with you.



with all the love inside of me,