mistic dose

mistic dose

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✦ mystical aura spritz that cleanses your aura while smelling absolutely divine

✦ heart opening, energetically cleansing, calming and vibrationally uplifting

✦ morning glory flower essence promotes loving vibrations and awakens the spirit while reminding us each moment is an opportunity to be reborn

✦ clear quartz infused to amplify this energy

✦ an essential for doing spiritual work or to use when simply needing a refresher

shake well to emulsify the oils. mist your face, body, energetic field and even your linens and clothes and allow yourself to get lost in the mystical scent of this mist.

✦ alive water
✦ lavender
✦ palo santo
✦ immortelle
✦ rose otto
✦ morning glory flower essence
✦ clear quartz

Size 4 oz

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